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V. 1. General considerations

In adult education, human relations require a careful study and a special attention, both from the management side and from the education providers (experts etc.). No matter how attractive the adult education program offers get, they risk remaining at this level if the education providers cannot persuade the possible recipients with regard to the value of that offer. We talk here about the communication skills, the capacity to motivate the adult public in order to attend these educational activities.

Be it professional training or cultural horizon expansion activities, beyond the special knowledge the educators need, they also must possess communication skills if they want to motivate the adults to get actively involved in reaching the pore-established objectives.

It is also widely acknowledged the fact that during the development of the training and cultural educational programs for adults, various conflictual situations may be generated between participants or between participants and education providers.

Conflict management represents, consequently, a sine qua non condition for the success or failure of this type of actions. A great importance is also placed on team work. Based on these statements, the present chapter shall dwell on a few aspects related to communication, conflict and group activity, that we consider essential in ensuring the success of each adult education program.


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