by Gabriela Alboiu

            The present book is a slightly revised version of my doctoral dissertation.
My doctoral years at the University of Manitoba, which culminated with the writing of this book, were a source of immense pleasure and rare privilege. However, none of it would have been possible without the help and support of my committee, colleagues, friends, and family, all of whom I gratefully acknowledge.
First, I should like to thank my committee members Charlotte Reinholtz, Jila Ghomeshi, Kevin Russell, and Paul Fortier. I’m extremely grateful to Charlotte, who has helped me in so many ways, I’ve almost lost count. From our first meeting at a conference in Oslo five and a half years ago, she has been a permanent source of encouragement, support, and advice. Apart from the incredible linguistic input, Charlotte has contributed immensely in making my time at the University of Manitoba beneficial, pleasant, and comfortable. Thank you Charlotte, Jon, and Johannes for befriending my entire family, for those wonderful outings, and your generous hospitality. Thank you too for making my visit to Kingston possible, taking such wonderful care of me, and worrying over everything. When Charlotte left for Queen’s, I had the privilege of continuing my work with Jila as my second advisor. Working with Jila has been absolutely wonderful! Thank you Jila for your friendship, for always being there, for your critical guidance, minute observations, and all your insightful comments. Thank you too for the patient editing and your infinite tolerance with all my half thoughts and underdeveloped ideas. I have truly enjoyed our weekly appointments, which will be greatly missed. Kevin, forever ready with positive criticism for a struggling syntactician, has always offered crucial linguistic advice. Many thanks also for helping me out with a research grant that covered my second year tuition fees. Finally, Paul, thank you for your support and for bearing with all of my formal syntax stuff.
            Very special thanks go to my external examiner, Professor Luigi Rizzi, for the time he took to read and comment on my dissertation, as well as for his encouragement and positive input.
I would also like to thank the department at large: faculty, students, and secretarial staff. I have been fortunate to be part of a department which embraces a variety of theories and perspectives and whose members have diverse language and research interests. A big thank you to (in alphabetical order and with apologies to those I forgot) Holly Antonini, Cristian Artuso, Mike Barrie, John Braico, Kim Grenier, Terry Janzen, Michelle Long, Gayle McIntyre, Teresa Melnychuk, Moshe Nahir, Arden Ogg, David Pentland, Debbie Spindler, and Carl Whitehead. Special thanks go to Chris Wolfart and Lorna MacDonald, both of whom I think of as ‘members in spirit’ of my committee.
            Colleagues at the University of Bucharest in Romania have been very patient and supportive and I thank all those who have put in extra teaching time on my behalf. I am deeply grateful to Alexandra Cornilescu whose passion for linguistics is so very contagious. She was my first linguistics teacher at the University of Bucharest and it is because of her that I became a linguist. Throughout the years she has been a model both in linguistics and generosity. Thank you to a wonderful teacher, colleague, and friend. Thank you also for all the encouragement and support, without which my dissertation would have never been published. Many thanks also to Andrei Avram, Larisa Avram, Ileana Baciu, Florica Bancila, Elena Bâra, Dana Ionescu, Dana Isac, Maria Koroknai, Dan Mateescu, Isabela Preoteasa, Monica Saulescu, Radu Surdulescu, Domnica Serban, and Bogdan Stefaneascu, who, in various ways, have all encouraged me in the present endeavour. Dan Mateescu deserves a special thank you for taking care that this book was eventually published.
            My dissertation has improved due to comments and suggestions from Larisa Avram, Alexandra Cornilescu, Elizabeth Cowper, Rose-Marie Déchaine, Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin, Elly van Gelderen, Dana Isac, Diane Massam, Virginia Motapanyane, Yves Roberge, Anne Rochette, and Ioana Stefaneascu. I am especially grateful to Virginia for her encouragement, generosity, and invitation that we co-author. I have also benefitted from stimulating discussions with audiences at the CLA ’98, CLA ’99, the University of Manitoba Linguistics Colloquia, the University of Toronto Syntax Project Meeting, the Research Group in Linguistics at Queen’s University, and my graduate students at the University of Bucharest.
            For comments on previous work and general encouragement, I am indebted to Jan Anward, Elly van Gelderen, James Higginbotham, Terry Hoad, Anders Holmberg, Maria Manoliu Manea, Rebecca Posner, Ian Roberts, Hoskuldur Thráinsson, and Beatrice Warren.
            I am happy to mention the people who have patiently offered judgements on the Romanian data: Ion Alboiu, Larisa Avram, Mihaela Bancila Pittman, Mihaela Cimpoeasu, Dana Isac, Virginia Motapanyane, and Razvan Turcu.
            I would also like to thank friends and extended family on both continents. I will refrain from mentioning any names, for fear of leaving someone out. Nevertheless, you are all greatly cherished and I am indebted to each one of you.
            Special thanks go to my brother Razvan Turcu, his wife Rodica and son Adrian-Stefan, for weekly e-mails and encouragement. My deepest gratitude goes to my parents and in-laws: Mioara and Anghel Turcu, and Marieta and Stefan Alboiu. Aside from managing our lives back home, their love and unconditional support have seen us through.
            My dear husband and beloved children have shared with me in times of despair and beauty, frustration and exuberation, and everything in-between. Ion, Victor and Mihai, thank you for believing in me, for loving me, and for being there. I dedicate this thesis to you!