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I.Short presentation of the”Goldstein Goren” Center for Hebrew studies

The”Goldstein Goren” Center for Hebrew studies





The ”Goldstein Goren” Center for Hebrew Studies was set up in 1998 by the Faculty of Letters of the Bucharest University in cooperation with the ”Cukier Goldstein Goren” Foundation of Israel. Taking into account the overwhelming importance Jewish history, religion, civilization and culture have had over the evolution of European thought the Center focuses on the following academic offer and research lines:

•       Specific academic curricula (advanced studies in Hebrew culture and civilization, practical courses in the Hebrew language)

•      Academic modules coordinated by visiting professors

•      Research programs in Jewish history, philosophy, civilization and arts

•      Conferences, seminars, workshops

•      Study and research grants for students and scholars

•      Academic resources - library, data-bases

•      Publication of research works

•      Publication of the Studia Hebraica review


The Center currently provides:

•     open courses in the Hebrew language and in Jewish culture and civilization to students, academic staff and the public at large;

•     an MA program in Jewish studies;

•     research facilities to scholars, alumni and students

•     publication of Jewish authors


a) Coordination


The ”Goldstein Goren” Center for Hebrew Studies is chaired by Acad. Prof. Nicolae Cajal, President of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania, President of the Scientific Board. The Administrative Board is led by Prof. Dr. Dan Horia Mazilu, Dean of the Faculty of Letters of the University of Bucharest and Dr. Liviu Rotman, Researcher at the Diaspora Research Institute of Tel Aviv University, Co-directors.


b) Members


The Center counts among its members internationally renowned personalities who give lectures, carry out research projects and take part in related international programs.

Some of the Center’s outstanding members are:

Dr. Carol Iancu, France

Dr. Marius Sala, Romania

Dr. Alexandru Barnea, Romania

Dr. Sanda RÓpeanu, Romania

Andrei Oişteanu, Romania

Dr. Andrei Cornea, Romania

Dr. Silviu Lupaşcu, Romania

Dan Matei, Romania

Dr. Carmen Stoianov, Romania

c) Staff


1. Permanent academic staff


The Center operates mostly with associate and visiting professors from Romania and abroad, in an attempt to provide the students with the best expertise available in each field of interest. In order to ensure the permanent and continuous practice of Hebrew, the Center has a permanent academic staff of two members:

Măriuca Stanciu, Ph. D. candidate, Hebrew grammar, Jewish arts

Dr. Felicia Waldman, Practical course in Hebrew

2. Visiting professors


The Center enjoys, each year, the presence of important academics from all over the world, who give lectures and hold conferences on themes of utmost interest.

Among them are:

Prof. Dr. Moshe Idel (Israel), Jewish thought

Prof. Dr. Leon Volovici (Israel), Jewish literature, History of Jewish intelligentsia

Prof. Dr. Carol Iancu (France), History of Romanian Jews

Dr. Radu Ioanid (USA), Holocaust studies

Dr. Liviu Rotman (Israel), Jewish history, History of Jewish intelligentsia

3. Additional teaching staff


The Center provides courses held by renowned Romanian cultural figures.

Among them are:

Dr. Silviu Lupaşcu, Philosophy

Dr. Andrei Cornea, Major trends in Jewish thought

Andrei Oişteanu, Major trends in Jewish thought

Dr. Ioan Chirilă, Biblical archeology

Dr. Francesca Băltăceanu, Biblical exegesis

Dr. Mădălina VÓrtejan, Talmud and Torah

Dr. Carmen Stoianov, Jewish music

Andreea PăstÓrnac, Ph.D. candidate, Israeli literature

Emanuel Marcus, Ph.D. candidate, Hebrew grammar


d) Alumni


Some of the most outstanding students to have graduated the M.A. program in Jewish Studies organized by the Center at the Faculty of Letters have become alumni of the Center and are now active participants in its activities:

Madeea Axinciuc, Biblical Hebrew

Cristina Toma, Philosophy

Georgeta Pană, Comparative religion

Sabina Tulbure, Biblical studies

Ioana Stoianov, Modern Hebrew



The Center has an increasingly large library, which provides students with both scientific and literary works in several languages. The Centerís staff is also working on a Jewish reference data-base of issues and trends.



The Center develops joint projects and cooperates in various activities with internationally renowned institutions, such as:

Tel Aviv University, Israel

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

US Holocaust Memorial Museum, USA

Paul Valery —Montpellier III University, France

International events organized by the ”Goldstein Goren” Center



The national and international dimension of Dr. Moses Gasterís activity and works — May 1999

Judaism in European civilization: 2000 years of interference — April 2001



Liviu Rotman (Israel) — ”The Romanians and the Jews of the Modern Era” — November 1998

Gustav Meiseles (Israel) — ”Romanian as spoken in Israel — case study on bilingual users” — January 1999

Carol Iancu (France) — ”The beginnings of the emancipation of Romanian Jews” — March 1999

Moshe Idel (Israel) — ”New perspectives in Jewish thought” — May 1999

Carol Iancu (France) — ”Southern France Jews in modern and contemporary times” — December 1999

Solomon Vaimberg (Romania) — ”Hebrew words in the language of the oldest Romanian religious texts” — April 2000

Liviu Rotman (Israel) — ”The Jewish Population and Communism. Myth and reality” — June 2000

Carol Iancu (France) — ”The evolution of the emancipation of Romanian Jews” — November 2000

Liviu Rotman (Israel) — ”History of Judaic Sciences” — March 2001

Franck Alvarez Pereyre (France) — ”Jewish cultural anthropology”, ”Hebrew music” and ”Hebrew linguistics” (series of three conferences) — May 2001






Mihai Canianu, Studies and Collections of Romanian folklore, Minerva, Bucharest 1999

Sal. Segal, Of the Jewish Peopleís Folklore, Minerva, Bucharest 2000


Studia Hebraica no.1, Bucharest 2001


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