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II.The International seminar ”Judaism in European civilization: 2000 years of interferences”



 ”Judaism in European civilization: 2000 years of interferences”

International Seminar


April 22-23, 2001




During April 22-23, 2001, the ”Goldstein Goren” Center for Hebrew Studies organized an international seminar under the title: ”Judaism in European Civilization: 2000 Years of Interferences”. The Seminar took place at the Council Hall of the Faculty of Letters of Bucharest University and brought together researchers, academics and students but also journalists, writers and experts in interethnic relations, as well as politicians.

The aim of the Seminar was to provide the opportunity for a large exchange of ideas and opinions between all those who attended, as well as for the establishment and development of stable institutional relations between the Center and other similar bodies.

Due to the wide range of topics allowed by the Seminar’s title, the participants’ papers touched on the most varied fields, from history to art and from literature to mysticism. They all converged to show that during the past 2000 years there has been an on-going mutual relation between Judaism and the European civilization.

The Seminar was organized in two sections: the first day was dedicated to papers presented by academics and researchers, while the second day was dedicated to papers presented by some of the Center’s outstanding students.

The first section counted among the participants international figures such as Dr. Leo Volovici from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, and Dr. Liviu Rotman from the Tel Aviv University, Israel. It was also attended by important Romanian personalities such as Dr. Cornelia Bodea, Dr. Silviu Sanie, Dr. Ladislau Gyemant, Andrei Oişteanu, Dr. Andrei Cornea, Dr. Silviu Lupaşcu, as well as by Dr. Carmen Stoianov, Măriuca Stanciu, Dr. Felicia Waldman, Dr. Mihai Mīndra and Mihai Chioveanu.

The second section enjoyed the contributions of: Cristina Toma, Georgeta Pană, Manuela Cazan, Ioana Stoianov, Ileana Dinculescu, Florentina Afloroaie, Cristina Spinciu and Roxana Samoilescu.

This issue of the Studia Hebraica Review presents the papers that were read during the Seminar’s works. Unfortunately, Dr. Leon Volovici, Dr. Silviu Sanie, Dr. Cornelia Bodea, Mihai Chioveanu and Roxana Samoilescu could not provide us with the written version of their presentations in due time, and therefore their valuable contribution is missing here. On the other hand, we benefited from the unexpected but most welcome contribution on the subject of Dr. Carol Iancu from the University of Montpellier, France, who could not attend the Seminar but wanted to bring in his expertise.

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