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I. Short presentation of the “Goldstein Goren” Center for Hebrew Studies  


II. “Judaism in European Civilization: 2000 years of interferences”, International Seminar, Bucharest, April 23-24, 2001


Section I: Academics and Researchers

Dr. Liviu Rotman (Tel Aviv): An academic subject like any other: Jewish studies

Dr. Ladislau Gyemant (Cluj Napoca): The formation of the Transylvanian Jewish and Romanian identity: a comparative view

Dr. Andrei Cornea (Bucharest): Theological anti-Semitism

Măriuca Stanciu (Bucharest): A promoter of the Haskala in Romania: Moses Gaster 


Andrei Oişteanu (Bucharest): The legend of the wandering Jew in Europe and in Romania 

Dr. Silviu Lupaşcu (Bucharest): The oneirocritical alphabet

Dr. Felicia Waldman (Bucharest): Jewish influences in medieval European esotericism 


Dr. Carmen Stoianov (Bucharest): Dynamics of the Jewish themes approach in Romanian musical creations


Dr. Mihai Mîndra (Bucharest): Felix Aderca: Jewishness and Modernism

Dr. Carol Iancu (Montpellier): From the “science of Judaism” to the “new Israeli historians”: landmarks for a history of Jewish historiography 


Section II: Students

Cristina Toma (Bucharest): The Breslau Seminary or the new legitimization of Judaism in 19th century Europe


Georgeta Pană (Bucharest): Undermining religious freedom: the Mosaic cult under the Antonescu government 


Florentina Afloroaie (Bucharest): Landmarks in the representation of the Jew in medieval Christian art

Ileana-Rodica Dinculescu (Bucharest): Themes in the art of Jewish painters in modern Europe – before the avant-garde movement

Ioana Stoianov (Bucharest): Rossini’s opera: implications of the Jewish themes in the musical treatment 


Manuela Cazan (Bucharest): Some themes of the Israeli literature regarded from a diachronical perspective 


Cristina Maria Spinciu (Bucharest): Yiddish: a lost language? Linguistic and cultural interferences 


III. Book reviews

Andrei Oişteanu: The history of the Jews of Banat. Chronicle of a forecasted book (Victor Neumann, Istoria evreilor din Banat. O mărturie a multi şi

interculturalităţii Europei central-orientale
, Atlas, Bucharest, 1999)

Madeea Sâsână: Moshe Idel, Hasidism. Între extaz şi magie, (Hassidism. Between Ecstasy and Magic), Hasefer, Bucharest, 2001

Andrei Cornea: A “horror” documentary (Andrei Oişteanu, Imaginea evreului în cultura română, Humanitas, Bucharest 2001)

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