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       Science World (Wolfram Research, UK)  -

       MATHCAD (MathSoft Inc., Cambridge,USA) -

       Scientific Work Place (MacKichan Software, Inc., USA)

       MAPLE (Maplesoft, Canada ) -

       DERIVE (Soft Warehouse, USA,Austria) -

       Matlab (MathWorks, Inc., USA, Canada, ... ) -

       SPSS (SPSS, Inc., USA) -

       STATISTICA (StatSoft, Inc., USA) -

       ORIGIN (OriginLab Corporation, USA, Canada, Germany, Japan) -

       SlideWrite (Advanced Graphics Software, Inc., USA) -

       Eureka, Delphi (Borland Software Corporation, USA) -

       MathDL (Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications, Mathematical Sciences Digital Library, USA ) -



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